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What is this.

Hello dear readers! My name is Ian Milko, and I've decided to start this blog mostly because I need a place to put all my thoughts. Contrary to popular belief, my head is not simply a frothing bowl of Kool-Aid. It does have intelligent thoughts every once in a while, although I may not act like it sometimes. I'm passionate about several subjects, as my friends will readily confirm. I'm most *knowledgeable* about politics and space, but I love exploring different topics, especially in engineering, electronics, and culture. Most of my blog posts will be me taking a headline or a story and giving my take, my perspective, The Milko Perspective (im sorry).
With that in mind, I also very much enjoy differences of opinion, so if you, my esteemed reader, care enough to share your disagreement, I will gladly invite and email, Instagram dm, or some such. Paragraphing on Snapchat seems to be quite popular as well. If I like your reponse, who knows, maybe I'll adress it in another blog post. Lucky you.

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