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What's in Texas' Heartbeat Act?

TL;DR; I made an easy-to-read guide to the Texas abortion bill. Read it here:

A Texas anti-abortion bill has made some waves recently, mostly because of its ability to survive legal challenges by using a civil enforcement method. I actually have to give credit to a student at NMH, who is writing a report for our school newspaper, for inspiring me to delve into this subject. Often, we energetically discuss (to put it kindly) state or federal legislation that deals with hot-button issues without really knowing what is in the bill. Many of my fellow students and faculty remember how I caused a bit of a frenzy last year when I tried to discuss a gun control bill which was particularly worrying. Granted, my timing was somewhat poor, with a distressing event occurring one week before, and school email was certainly the wrong venue for such a discussion.

However, I've seen the same cylce repeated. New bill is introduced, everyone goes crazy and start shouting slogans, no one really listens to each other, the exact contents of the bill are never discussed or even known, and we all end up more polarized and unsatisfies than before. To this day, I'm not convinced that politicians don't propose these bills just to distract us, knowing that we're not going to read the actual bill. But that's a story for another day.

So, I've decided to take this bill and sort of simplify it, boil it down to the most important aspects. In the end, I took a 25 page bill and condensed it into a 3 page outline, of sorts. Basically, I've saved you three hours of reading. You're welcome.

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Maria Milko
Maria Milko
Jan 30, 2022

Interesante. Voy a checar el original. Pero ya sabes mi postura a cerca de legalizar abortos.

Sería más importante educar e informar a las personas a cerca de evitar tener un embarazo no deseado.

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